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Mini-Me Photo: Mini-Me (Rich, John, Jane, Lynn, Lynne and Mini-Me)

Fall Trail Ride - Tracy, Amanda, Dawn, Barbara, Laurie and Carol

Skipper and Jimmy Who spend hours standing around touching tongues. What's up with that?
Tongue Twisters Tongue Twisters
Say Cheese Say Cheese

1st Place Carol and Jimmy Who

Top 10 reasons you know you are a horseperson;
Your horse gets shoes more often than you do.
You go to work in a business suit, and someone pulls hay out of you hair.
You see the Vet more often than your doctor.
You consider a golf course a waste of good pasture.
You say "Whoa" to the dog.
You clean the barn more often than the house.
All your clothes have horsehair on them, even if never worn to the barn.
You hate posing for pictures unless you are on your horse.
Your truck looks like a bomb exploded in a tack shop.
All of your jacket pockets are lined with hay.
The Weather Station is your favorite TV show.
You wouldn't dream of sending Christmas Cards without horses.
The Concept of sleeping in on weekends has faded from memory.
Your tired/tense/workday headache disappears as soon as you hit the barn.

Shannon Shannon

I Feel Good I Feel na na na na na na! I knew that I na na na na na na


Things I've tried to teach my horses:
I will not flatten the black cat.
I will stand still while my rider mounts.
I will not poop in my water bucket.
I will not dump the grain out of my feed bucket.
I will not eat the bark off of the trees.
I will not kick the walls of my stall when I'm the last horse to be fed.
I can walk and poop at the same time.
I will not dump the wheelbarrow over when it's full.
I will not dig to China when I'm bored in my stall.
I will not eat the barn.

Giddy Up!

Partners in Crime - Jimmy Who and Dutch

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Margaritaville sing-a-long
New York New York!
Space Cowboy
Dancin Under the Sea - by Andy

Our Wedding page!!!!
Yippee...we're engaged!!!!
Jimmy Who, Dutch and Gee Jay (In Memory of)
Home Sweet Home

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Libby's Page

Happy Trails... (Awesome Artwork by Andy - maybe Custom Artwork of your Horse?)
Appaloosa Horse Club
Equine Online(TM)
The HayNet: A comprehensive listing of horse-related Internet sites
NRHA - National Reining Horse Association
USET United States Equestrian Team

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